land project

It is on this land that God will bless us with from  people of good hearts as his love is, that we  plan to put all our projects. With this land, we will put our permanent home that will enable to meet and fulfill our vision and missions.

Currently we borrow land to grow food that helps us to run the ministry.

We are proposing to buy 10 acres of land or 5 acres less; the more we buy a small land the more we squeeze our projects, we can start with five acres and we add on in future if a need arises, why we are planning for a big part of land this is not a temporally structure it’s not a temporally project.

An acre of land in the area that we can access good services, power, and clean water costs $US 3,800- $US 4,300. This will give us more expenses in terms of water and power and we want to catch up with modern farming methods.

We need $US 19,000 to buy this land but at the moment we have $4,000. We call upon friends around the world to support us

bible project

In our journey to help in the spread of the gospel in the most vulnerable people of Uganda, Lords Grace Ministry introduced the Bible Project. Under this project we work with our donors and friends around the world to buy bibles that we later serve to the humble people of Uganda.


For the reason we have some mostly necessary skills in poultry that is why we choose this project also to be under our project goals. Poultry can be termed as rearing birds chicken both for commercial and domestic use.

Under this we choose a target of keeping chickens that are laying eggs (layers) and mainly and mainly aimed at selling those eggs and save the money for other needs at the orphanage e.g school fees, clothes and others.

To start up a small starting poultry farm of at least 500 chicks (layers) was calculated as follows:-

1 chick = 2 USD which makes 1000 USD for 500 chicks.


In the 1st one week, 500 chicks can consume 5 bags of food each at 57 USD, this makes a total of 285 USD in the 1st one week.

In the rest of the days, they are estimated to be consuming 400 USD for the full month. This is because they will be changed to another type of food which is at a fair price. They start laying eggs at 5 months which gives a total estimated calculation of 2285 USD up to their laying stage.


They will every after one month be immunized over different types of diseases that may attack them. Every immunization is expected to be consuming 142 USD. Which gives a total calculation of 710 USD in a period of 5 months.


We calculated a total number of 10 feeders each at 14 USD which makes a calculation of 149 USD expected to spend on feeders (feeding boxes).

Drinkers are the dishes or containers from which these chicks will be taking water from (call them cups). Each is at a cost of 28 USD and the needed 10 makes a calculation of 280 USD to buy the drinkers.

Total project goal

= 3847 USD

We glad and happy to announce that over the 3847 needed on this project, 740 USD are in promise and 200 are on the bank account for this project. Here we call for every body’s support please pray first for the Lord to make you able and then you help us possibly in any way and with any amount.

The reason as to why we put our eyes and hope on this project is that, when it is successful, life will be so great and supportive at the orphanage since the eggs are at high demand in the community so we have a ready market already. The wastes are also used in farms as manure and they are also at a very high demand with a ready market both in the community and far.

This project will also be a practical ground for teaching these kids and grooming them with skills in poultry farming. Eggs from the chicks will also be so influential in helping the kids to be health giving them enough proteins in their bodies.

May the Lord lay it on your heart to help us and achieve this grateful project.

You can contact us via our email: info@lordsgraceministry for any question. We are righty ready to answer you.

Here are the ways to send your donations and we promise you that your donations will directly go on the issue your heart has donated for.

Bank account: 1016101433845.

Western Union: +256787939880

MoneyGram: +256787939880

Pay pal:

World remit: +256787939880

God bless you.

girl child empowerment - NDI WAnjawulo (am special)

In our community a girl child is still taken as an inferior creature. She is not valued and respected in life and in the community leadership. So as LGM we focus on showing the value of woman in this girl, we are aiming at keeping a girl child in school with all the affordable needs for in the future we have a hope they will show up. In this same campaign we protect a girl child from early pregnancy, early sex, rape, and defilement plus abortions which may result in HIV/AIDS and deaths also. We do this by teaching them how to live an executive life, keeping them so focus on their future and the most important is that we teach them the word of God and doctrines of Jesus. On the same issue of the girl child we try to provide them sanitary pads when they reach in their age of menoples. Some days back, these girls have been using old clothes, old tons of mattresses and leaves, of which these infected them with difficult nameable diseases in their private parts in a like with skin rashes but producing blood and puth, this was so painful and altering that we could not just sit and watch them suffering. So we buy sanitary pads in these seasons.

water project

Our children used to move very long distances in search of safe clean water. It is too painful for a young to take very dirty water because it is dangerous to there health.
We thank our friends and benefactors for supporting us through getting a tank which provides clean water for the home for the vulnerable and school.

Our children used to move very long distances in search for clean water. We thank the Almighty God, that is no more now.
We still have a problem of water scarcity; therefore we still need another tank, on the other hand however we need to get a bore hole.


Volunteer with us, change a life today

Volunteers from Uganda and around the world are called upon to join Lords Grace Ministry in cause of helping the most vulnerable people in the communities of Uganda.