about the director

Nsereko isa is his name
He is now between 29 years
He grew up in the hands of his grand mom after his mother dying when he was at early age, and his jobitel.com father who was mentally insane could not be traced after raping his mother and prignanted her in the cause.
Nsereko’s mother died of HIV who she most likely got after this man’s rape, she left her son with her mother (grand mother) “May her soul rest in peace” (mrs Jude)
Nsereko after a few years also his grand mom left this earthly life to her father in heaven and so Isa had to stay alone in this world. Nsereko being alone and desperate he saw streets being the best option for his life, he went on to start his new life on the streets of kampala, kasubi kawaala, he lived these streets for around 9 years and then 4 years on streets of Gayaaza city from where salvation found him after a very long struggling, suffering and starving.
Nsereko at the street found a friend called Mr robert who was working in URA, this friend used to send Nsereko for some stuffs when he was busy in his office, ie he needed food or something to eat, he really found Nsereko honest and kind, https://xjobs.org he decided to bring this young man close to him and started telling him about Jesus the life changer.
By the Lord’s grace, Nsereko welcomed Jesus in his life and through Robert left the streets and saw his life being a testmony from day one to now, his dedication to helping the needy was from his life exeperiance.


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A better future for the most vulnerable and maginorised children is our pride!

where we work

Lords Grace Ministry works in Mityana district. We get children from the most vulnerable homes, some come from streets and help them have a better education and the best standards of living.

what we do

Owing to the fact that most vulnerable children too have a right to the better future, we help them have access to it too.

Who we are

We are a registered Non Government Organization,community based organization focusing on helping the most vulnerable and maginarised children to have better living standards in the society.

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why we work with the vulnerable children

Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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Volunteers from Uganda and around the world are called upon to join Lords Grace Ministry in cause of helping the most vulnerable people in the communities of Uganda.

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